IMCA Safety Flash 26-22

IMCA has published Safety Flash 26-22.

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MAIB: Flooding and sinking of the survey workboat Bella

The survey workboat was conducting inshore hydrographic survey operations in the approaches to Lynmouth, UK. In conditions of wind force 3 from the NW, and short, choppy 1m seas, waves started breaking over the bow, beginning to fill the forward cockpit area. The skipper turned on the electric bilge pump and reversed course to the south-east in an attempt to prevent further water ingress by running down-sea. Floodwater was, by then, flowing over the sill of the forward door into the wheelhouse and from there entered the void space beneath the wheelhouse deck.

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Vessel collision with underwater objects in harbour

A vessel suffered underwater damage to the hull when it collided with uncharted objects in the harbour. The incident occurred after completion of cargo operations when an AHTS vessel cast off from the quayside for departure. While proceeding towards the harbour channel and leaving the mooring buoys on its port side, crew on the vessel felt a blow to the vessel.

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Oil leakage from vessel crane onto quayside

A hydraulic pipe burst causing an oil leak. The incident occurred when a vessel was alongside retrieving anchor handling chains from chain lockers to the main deck. This operation had been ongoing for nine hours at the time of the incident. There was little or no adequate lighting on the quayside.

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BSEE: A note on repetitive strain injuries

A strain occurs when a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn. The number of MSD injuries is increasing in frequency throughout the Gulf of Mexico Region. Most of these MSDs were due to repetitive motion, overexertion, and awkward lifting and pulling techniques.

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Connection failure during lifting operation

On a windfarm installation vessel, there was a connection failure during operations. During lowering and rotating of the Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT) into the skidding frame for the pile upending process, the spliced-eye connected on the VLT pad eye slowly opened up. The tugger line sprung toward the winch with low energy and fell on the deck.

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