5 Year Revalidation

AVIs approaching their five year expiry date will be invited to apply for revalidation for a further five years.

The aim of this process is to ensure AVIs are competent to continue as an accredited inspector. To achieve this, there are a number of requirements which must be fulfilled. There are two parts to the revalidation process. Part One is a review of documentary evidence to support an AVI’s continued currency in the market place and Part Two, a completion of the mandatory refresher course.

Revalidation may be applied for 3 months prior to but completed no later than up to 3 months post the five year expiry date. AVI access to the IMCA eCMID database will remain live and available during this revalidation period but will be restricted thereafter.

PART ONE – Review of Evidence

A review of an AVI’s professional activity over the past 5 years will be carried out and some evidence to support this will be required.

This will include:

  • Annual CPD and logbook records as part of the customary annual renewal requirements
  • Current CV / Resume review
  • List of completed eCMIDs / eMISWs with supplements used (if not already available from IMCA’s eCMID System)
  • A minimum of 2 x eCMID / eMISW inspection reports completed within the last 5 years demonstrating use of the specialist supplements (reports using multiple supplements are acceptable)
  • Other relevant evidence to demonstrate currency in the offshore sector

These documents will be reviewed to establish that they meet annual requirements, the AVI is still active in completing inspections and that an AVI has used their accredited vessel type supplements in the previous five years . A minimum completion of two reports for each specialist vessel type within the last five years is expected.

PART TWO – Mandatory Refresher Course

To facilitate easy access to the refresher material, the course will be available online with Tutor support. This will enable any AVI wherever they are in the world to access the refresher course at a time when it is suitable for them without the costs of travel etc. The Part Two course is a half day course and are scheduled regularly throughout the year. To book and pay for your place, Click here for your chosen course

For those AVIs approaching 5 years accreditation there will be a change to the requirements for Part Two of the 5-Year Revalidation.

  • AVIs must complete the Part Two Mandatory Refresher Course within the 5th annual renewal year and prior to the 5-Year expiry date.

Course content will include:

  • all updates to systems and report documents
  • samples of ’good’ vs ‘bad’ reports to demonstrate expected quality of reports
  • a short online test to complete from a pool of multi choice questions

The fee for Part One – Review of Evidence is £275.00. This incorporates the cost of the annual renewal fee (charged at £210.00).

The fee for Part Two – Mandatory Refresher Course is £120.00. This is a half day online course at one of several that will be offered.


Note, if you fail to attend the course you are booked on, for whatever reason, we will transfer you to the next available course. However, should you fail to attend two consecutive courses, you will be liable to pay in full again (£120.00) to attend a course.

Any enquiries please email msacourses@iims.org.uk



Q.  What if an AVI has not had a chance to complete any eCMIDs/eMISWs?

A.  An AVI may submit other types of vessel inspections reports.   These should demonstrate that the AVI is active in the field of vessel Inspections / Audits and should be examined together with the evidence they have submitted for their CPD for each year.


Q.  What if an AVI has not inspected those vessel types for which they have been approved in the last five years?

A.  Although an AVI does not lose years of experience for a vessel type, the vessel type will be suspended unless recent evidence can be supplied to demonstrate they remain knowledgeable and up to date.


Q.  What if the commissioning client did not want the report uploaded? If paper copies have been completed at the request of the client, can we accept these with a disclaimer to that effect?

A.  No. Paper based eCMID or eMISW reports for inspections undertaken after 1st January 2018 will not be accepted. In such cases other evidence should be supplied and examined.