Continuing Professional Development

Accredited eCMID inspectors are required to follow a path of Continuing Professional Development
Accredited eCMID inspectors are required to follow a path of Continuing Professional Development

These days, professionals in all fields of expertise make a commitment to follow a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Generally it is accepted that specialists are considered to be more competent and experienced if they extend their knowledge as they follow a programme of development and learning. This means they are updating their current skills as well as developing new ones. In keeping with this approach, eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspectors are required to follow this path.

The CPD programme has been endorsed by IMCA and is mandatory for members to maintain their accreditation. The programme has also been aligned with other Professional Bodies, Institutes and Learned Societies.

Accredited inspectors are required to achieve a minimum of ten CPD points accrued over a fixed one year period, eg. 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018. After the one year term the system will be reset back to zero.

Here is an example of how to accrue points: eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspector A N Other submits two eCMID reports over one year (total 4 points). He/she then subscribes to two professional journals (2 points) and attends one IMCA organised event (4 points). A N Other has now accrued the 10 points that are required.

The eCMID vessel inspector CPD programme is managed by the Marine Surveying Academy team and all questions can be answered by contacting them directly. Periodically you will be reminded by email about your CPD points status. A guide to the points values and how to earn them can be found by downloading the pdf below.

Click to view the eCMID Vessel Inspector CPD points table (pdf format)

Accredited inspectors can download and use the dedicated eCMID CPD App to submit their CPD claims. For full details, please view the eCMID CPD Leaflet.


CPD update – November 2021

As part of the requirements as an AVI, maintaining your Continuous Professional Development is a mandatory part of your accreditation.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, claiming CPD points for a number of in-person events was impossible. We therefore doubled the CPD points awarded for any attendances to online events from 2 CPD points to 4 CPD points to ensure our AVIs were not disadvantaged.

Recent trends have shown that in-person events are now starting to open again as we begin to emerge from the pandemic. The decision has therefore been taken that CPD points for any online attendances occurring from 1 January 2022 will revert back to the normal 2 CPD points.

Note: this excludes the eCMID AVI Accreditation Course (1 day), the Part Two Mandatory Refresher Course – 5 Year Revalidation and our Festival of Knowledge seminars which will all remain at 4 CPD points.

We will of course monitor the situation and remain flexible to individual circumstances.

Any questions or concerns regarding the CPD requirements, please contact the Accreditation Scheme Administrator at