eCMID Accreditation Scheme


Concurrently with the launch of eCMID version 9, IMCA appointed the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) and its subsidiary the Marine Surveying Academy (MSA) to manage the eCMID accreditation scheme for vessel inspectors and auditors.

The eCMID accreditation scheme itself is under the auspices of the IIMS who run similar programmes with other marine industry bodies. The IIMS includes an assessment of qualifications and experience of inspectors wishing to gain accredited status as part of the Application Process. A pool of suitably qualified and experienced industry peers are available to the IIMS to verify the credentials of potential eCMID Vessel Inspectors seeking accreditation.

Under the scheme it is possible to seek accreditation for up to six vessel types, aligned to the specialist knowledge required for inspections of some vessel types including larger ships right down to smaller workboats. These are LNG-Fuelled, Jack-Up, DP, Pipe & Cable Layers, a General category and MISW (small commercial workboats).

The eCMID accreditation scheme operates on a worldwide basis with initial and refresher accreditation courses being made available in all major regions where IMCA members are operating. These courses will be delivered by the IIMS subsidiary, the MSA.

There are three parts to achieving eCMID accreditation status and maintaining it over the five year period.
Step 1 is to make your application.
Step 2 is to attend one of the eCMID validation courses which are all delivered online via Zoom and run regularly throughout the year.
Step 3 is to ensure you maintain CPD (continuing professional development) by way of a log book and supplying 2 completed eCMID reports annually. For details of the various costs involved with the scheme, click to read the eCMID Accreditation scheme fees.

Your initial eCMID accreditation is valid for a period of 5 years.

Once an eCMID vessel inspector becomes accredited, he/she will receive a certificate, a photo ID card, (renewed annually) plus a listing on this web site.

As part of the eCMID accreditation scheme, inspectors are expected to pursue a programme of Continuing Professional Development.

Having achieved eCMID accreditation status, vessel inspectors are expected to abide by the eCMID Vessel Inspector’s Code of Conduct at all times.