IMCA Safety Flash 23-22

IMCA has published Safety Flash 23-22.

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Serious injury during mooring operations: rope parted

The Marine Safety Investigation Unit of Transport Malta has published Safety Investigation Report 10/21 into a serious injury which occurred during the mooring of a chemical tanker of 23000 tonnes on Malta. At the aft mooring station, the mooring team noticed that one of the lines was tight, while the other was still slack. Whilst trying to equalize the tension on both lines, the taut line parted and struck the third officer. He suffered serious facial injuries and was transferred to a hospital ashore.

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Failure of slings during loading operations

Personnel were loading out heavy plant at a land-based location when there was an incident involving failure of slings. A crew were lifting a large tank with a forklift using nylon slings and shackles from the lifting eyes at the top. The forklift carrying the tank to the trailer had to move over some rough ground and the tank was moving around and bouncing, so spotters were used on both sides. One sling failed and the tank dropped to the ground on that side. Then another sling failed, causing damage to both sides of the tank bottom, valves, and one leg was bent.

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BSEE: Stored Energy in Slings Causes Multiple Injuries

The United States Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has published Safety Alert #445 relating to multiple injuries caused by stored energy in slings.

What happened –

The BSEE writes: there have been multiple instances across the Gulf of Mexico in which offshore personnel have sustained injuries to the face while working with slings. These incidents resulted from stored energy in the slings.

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Damage to chain hoist subsea

Whilst divers were lowering a large clamp for installation, the chain block used to centralise the clamp on the horizontal member became trapped in the hinge point on the clamp. The clamp was opened when it was noticed and damage to the chain link was observed. There was no damage to the clamp itself.

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Unsafe transportation and packing arrangements

One of our members has recently experienced two near miss incidents, resulting from the inadequate packing of goods during transportation with the potential for more significant consequences and injury.

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