IMCA Safety Flash 22-22

IMCA has published Safety Flash 22-22.

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Diver Finger Injury – Scrubber Blower Fan

A diver suffered a minor hand injury when he put his hand on part of a fan which should not have been exposed. The incident occurred on a vessel carrying out mobilization; a diver was in the starboard bell carrying out bell checks. He placed his hand on the soda sorb fan motor housing (scrubber). The fan motor was running to improve air flow through the bell. There was no soda sorb canister attached leaving a small exposure point to the fan which nipped his thumb causing a small injury.

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BSEE: Unsecured Pressurized Hoses Result in Hand Injuries

Incident 1: A flexi coil hose was filled with salt water during a pressure test and tested to 10,000 psi for 10 minutes. The pressure was bled to 6,000 psi through a needle valve at the pump’s discharge following the successful test. Once the pressure was bled to 6,000 psi, a worker began releasing pressure from a ball valve on the upstream end of the flexi coil hose. While doing so, the flexi coil hose backlashed and pulled the valve from the worker’s hand, causing the ball valve to contact the coil reel of the unit.

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Cook’s arm scalded while removing food from oven

At a meal time the chief cook opened the upper part of a combined oven to remove a tray of rice that was being kept heated. The tray was at head height for the injured person. Whilst removing the tray, scalding hot water (condensed steam) on the surface of the lid dripped onto the cook’s arm causing a scald injury. The accident was a medical treatment case and the cook had to be sent ashore for treatment.

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LTI: fractured finger during anchor handling

A crew member suffered a serious finger injury when he got his finger trapped. The incident occurred when a vessel had been installing mooring elements, suction anchors and mooring chain. Whilst handling chain, the injured person got his finger squeezed when loosening a bolt (pin) from the central part of a Kenter link (Kenter heart). He went to see the medic onboard and was treated, but was unable to do any practical work on deck the next day. When the vessel arrived back in port he was sent for X-rays, which revealed that the fingertip was fractured. He was then sent home on sick leave.

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LTI: person struck by uncontrolled swing in chain

An anchor chain swung unexpectedly across the deck and hit a crew member, causing an injury to his foot resulting in an LTRI. Anchors were being pulled over the stern using aft tugger winches, controlled remotely by AB’s. At the same time, a winch operator on the bridge operated the winch that pulls in the chain.

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