IMPORTANT: eCMID System Update

Improved Findings Analytics and Inspection App Upgrade

IMCA have released the first set of updates for 2024 to the eCMID vessel inspection system;

The eCMID Analytics Hub provides all registered users with real-time analysis of aggregated inspection data. This identifies common findings and trends, enabling operators, clients and IMCA’s committees to prioritise action to address the most significant risks. Since its launch in March 2022, the hub has been updated to include both fleet- and vessel-specific data for vessel operators and to reflect user feedback. Two new options have now been added:

  • Supplement data – default analytics now report on the core sections common to all inspections to ensure that the top-level reports focus on the most widely-encountered risks. Users can add relevant vessel type- and operation-specific supplements to suit their needs via a simple selection box.
  • CSV export – all reports now allow data to be exported for internal use by registered users. This is intended to allow vessel operators and others to use the data for internal reporting and improvement actions. Incorporation into external databases and republishing is not permitted.

The eCMID Inspection App, used by accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs) to upload reports, has also been updated:

  • AVIs are now required to record time spent onboard, which can be useful information for recipients of the inspection report. The IMCA eCMID committee will also use aggregated data on the time required for inspection of different vessel types to ensure that the content of inspection templates remains appropriate.
  • The upload screen now includes a clearer confirmation message and additional information for completed inspections, including guidance on the use of the supporting documents feature added in 2023.
  • Navigation between question sections and access to user guides and other support information has also been improved.

Other minor improvements have been made to the eCMID Database site, including a new announcements function, easier access to support information, and navigation improvements to vessel lists.


Development roadmap

In 2023, a record 1,819 inspections were undertaken, with significant growth in the workboat and renewable energy sectors, buoyant activity in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and growing adoption in the Americas. Upload fees are reinvested in the maintenance, support and development of the eCMID platform, which has enabled a significant number of enhancements such as those set out above. Improvements are directed by a cross-industry steering committee, with useful input gathered via a user survey in mid-2023.

This year, further improvements are planned to both the IT platform and the content of the inspection templates that will greatly benefit inspectors and consumers of the reports. More details on these exciting new improvements will be announced in due course.