IMCA Safety Flash 18/17

Some of the incidents here are related only to the extent to which rigging, lifting and mooring equipment is involved, or has failed, or has been inappropriately used. The first incident is a capsize of a small boat, wherein a root cause was found to be the prioritisation of production over safety. In the second, also a high potential near miss, we read of damage to a small boat when the painter failed during recovery. Next, two incidents relating to subsea lifting. In the first, there was an unplanned and uncontrolled ascent of lift bags to the surface. In the second, a strand of a subsea lifting wire was found damaged. The fifth incident covers the parting of a mooring line and then a fuel line during at-sea bunkering operations, and the sixth incident describes inappropriate and unsafe techniques to control hydraulic levers during mooring operations.

1. High potential incident: Fast rescue craft capsized
2. Painter parted during small boat operations
3. Near miss: Failure of subsea lifting equipment
4. Near miss: Single wire strand protruded from original lay
5. Parting of hawser and bulk cargo hose during tandem mooring
6. Unsafe mooring practices

Read the safety Flash: IMCASF-18-17