IMCA Safety Flash 17/17

Six of the seven incidents here are of the worst kind: they involve workers getting harmed. Two falls from height resulting in lost time injuries (LTIs), are followed by two incidents of collapse. In the first, a crewman collapsed whilst seasick, injuring himself in falling, and in the second, someone collapsed temporarily owing to dehydration in hot conditions. The fifth incident is about a worker who suffered a hand injury in inappropriately managed rotating machinery. The final two incidents involve workers suffering serious burns in the workplace following the failure of their employer to properly manage risk and provide safe systems of work.

1. Fall from height – LTI
2. Fall from height during yard visit
3. Crewman found collapsed – Seasickness
4. Worker fainted and was injured during tanker operations in a tropical climate
5. Worker suffers hand injury
6. Worker severely burnt following oxygen explosion
7. Stored energy – Worker scalded when hot ash dropped into water

Read the Safety Flash: IMCASF-17-17