IMCA Safety Flash 16/17

Hand Injuries, Burns
This safety flash covers three lost time injuries (LTIs) in which crew have suffered injury to their fingers or hands. In the first, someone got his fingers trapped in a closing door when his overalls got caught. In the second, there was an unplanned dropping of a heavy object – only a few centimetres but sufficient enough to injure a crewman’s fingers. In the third, a crew member put a hand into a dryer to check if the garments were dry, and in doing so, touched a “base layer” type garment that had melted inside the machine. The fourth incident is an unusual and interesting case of flammable gas being released in a tubular structure, igniting and causing harm. We move from there to news of another fuel spray fire – an area where constant vigilance is called for – and conclude with a report of damage to decks after caustic chemicals were not washed away properly.

1. Hand injury resulting from clothing catching on door
2. Finger injury during pilot ladder preparation
3. Burn to hand while working in laundry
4. Crewman burnt in fire following release of flammable gas from hand rail
5. Fuel spray fire – Déjà vu: Prepare and prevent it from happening to you!
6. Chemical spill leads to costly deck replacement

Read the Safety Flash: IMCASF-16-17