IMCA Safety Flash 15/17

All the below incidents involve failure of lifting, rigging or mooring equipment. In the first, a hydraulic line failure led to a crane collapse. The next two are near misses, one involving someone noticing defects in a subsea lifting wire, the other the high potential failure of a mooring rope. Then we share a National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) alert on issues with collared eyebolts used as lifting equipment, and finish with a Marine Safety Forum (MSF) near miss report of lifting gear snagged on a load.

1. Equipment failure leading to crane collapse
2. Near-miss: Fault spotted in subsea lifting wire
3. High potential near-miss: Mooring rope parted
4. Collared eyebolts as lifting equipment
5. Near-miss: Snagged lifting bridle

Read the Safety Flash: IMCASF-15-17