IMCA Safety Flash 12/17

Theme: Fires

All of the below incidents involve fires or potential fires. In the first, we see vividly illustrated the desired consequence of the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). The next three relate broadly to fires or potential fires arising from procedures or instructions not followed, inappropriate modifications to equipment, and failure to secure equipment properly. The fifth incident covers a near miss from a leaking fuel line, and the sixth relates to a fire and explosion which occurred recently on a vessel moored near to a members’ vessel.

1 How PPE Works: Fire and Thermal Protection

2 Galley Fire: Failure to Follow Stove/Oven Installation Instructions

3 Dangerous Modifications Found Within a Gas Valve Unit Room

4 Battery Fire

5 Near Miss: Fire Hazard from Leaking Fuel Supply Line

6 Catastrophic Fire and Explosion on Nearby Vessel

Read the Safety Flash: IMCASF-12-17