IMCA Safety Flash 13/17

All five of the following incidents unfortunately involved personal harm (or in the case of the first incident, potential personal harm) to people working offshore. Three lost time injuries (LTIs) are covered – two of them involving injuries to the hands or fingers, one of them a foot injury. In the fifth incident, members’ attention is drawn to a report from the Accident Investigation Branch of Norway (AIBN) on a fatal fall of a seafarer on board a Norwegian registered tanker.

The same issues keep emerging, both literally (in the text of members’ incident submissions) and implicitly – in the overall trends observed – personal safety culture and personal responsibility for safety.

1 Person Accidentally Drank Hazardous Substance – Unmarked Bottle

2 LTI: Finger Injury Sustained Handling Heavy Shackle Pin

3 Drill Bit Snapped: Finger Injury Sustained

4 LTI: Tugger Winch Incident (MSF)

5 Fatal Fall Aboard Tanker Marinor

Read the Safety Flash: IMCASF-13-17