Updates to IMCA’s eCMID and eMISW Inspection System

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) dedicated eCMID website at provides the marine and offshore industry with a wealth of information on what the eCMID and eMISW vessel inspection reports are, why they benefit the industry, how to use the database and inspection app, along with news on updates affecting the system. Over 1,500 vessels worldwide are currently covered by a live inspection report providing a safety management system health check for both operators and clients.

The latest additions to the website embrace a new quality assurance process alongside updates to IMCA M 167 – Guidance on the IMCA eCMID System; updates to eCMID and eMISW inspection templates; and changes to upload fees for 2023.

New eCMID quality assurance process and M 167 update

A new quality assurance (QA) review system has been introduced to review samples of uploaded vessel inspection reports on an ongoing basis; this is covered in the updated IMCA M 167 which also reflects the extensive changes to the system’s IT platform in recent years.

The new QA system is being undertaken independently by the IMCA secretariat using anonymised versions of uploaded reports, with a standardised assessment template ensuring a consistent approach to the reviews.

As Mark Ford, Marine & Quality Manager, explained:

“We aim to provide generalised feedback to eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVIs) in a range of ways, primarily through the AVI training process and regular newsletters.

“Early reviews have already proved useful in identifying improvements to the inspection templates and the inspection app, such as improved guidance notes to clarify the intention of certain questions, and fine tuning of the app layout and instructions which will be added to the development roadmap. Not only is the new QA system publicised on our dedicated eCMID website but also via the IMCA LinkedIn page which has just topped 30,000 followers.”

Updates to eCMID and eMISW inspection templates

Feedback has resulted in minor updates to both eCMID and eMISW inspection templates. Both now include an ‘Additional images’ appendix; and additional eCMID updates relate to unattended machinery spaces, DP trails and event reporting, as well as minor edits to questions, guidance notes and references.

Changes to upload fees for 2023

Upload fees were introduced to the eCMID system in 2018 to ensure investment could be made in the eCMID Inspection app; an Analytics Hub; eCMID Helpdesk and online support guides; and the new QA review. That fee has remained unchanged for five years. In the light of cost pressures, fees will be updated from 1 January 2023 to £60 for an eMISW upload and £120 for an eCMID upload (plus VAT where applicable). This was unanimously agreed by the eCMID Committee at the December 2022 meeting. Further information is available at

Mark Ford said:

“Our development roadmap will keep improving the system on behalf of industry in the coming years, and AVI’s, owners’ and clients’ feedback is always welcome to shape these improvements.”

eCMID background

The IMCA eCMID system provides the marine and offshore industry with standardised formats for vessel inspection. It offers a safety management system (SMS) ‘health check’ and can help improve the quality and consistency of inspections, as well as reducing the frequency of inspections on individual vessels through the adoption of a commonly recognised inspection process.