IMCA Safety Flash 29-22

IMCA has published Safety Flash 29-22.

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MAIB: Engine room fire flashover

A high speed ferry was on passage after a period of maintenance. There were no passengers on board, just the master and two crew. During the passage, the fire alarm sounded for the starboard engine compartment; the master monitored the closed-circuit television (CCTV) and after a few moments saw smoke and then flames.

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Clogged tumble-dryer exhaust fan – potential for fire

During a weekly inspection of the laundry room on a vessel, rags and lint twisted together were found in the exhaust fan of one of the dryers. Further investigation revealed more accumulated lint in the dryers’ outlet exhaust pipe. When the end of the outlet pipe was removed to check the inside, it was found to be almost completely blocked with lint.

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Dummy hot stab ejected during leak investigation

A high potential near miss occurred when a dummy hot stab was ejected at 20,000psi. Personnel were out of the direct line of fire but within 1-2 meters of the skid. Issues of weeping tubing on a skid had been identified and required investigation. The required ‘Blue Logic’ dummy stab was not readily available, and it was decided to use a ‘Seanic’ dummy stab manufactured to the same design code (API 17H) and thought to be interchangeable. A maximum test pressure of 20,000psi was applied in 1,000psi increments and had been held for 30 seconds when there was a loud noise, and the hot stab was ejected from the receptacle.

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Near miss: load lifted without notice putting crew in the line of fire

During cargo operation at an offshore installation, the deck foreman on the installation noticed that a sling was twisted while starting to heave up a cargo. An AB on deck was asked to remove the twist, when the crane operator started lifting the load without proper notice, which placed the AB between the cargo and a 20’ container. This could have resulted in a fatality or severe injury. The operation was stopped immediately; there were no injuries.

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Open toed shoes on an escalator (not work related)

A member reports an incident in which someone got their leisure footwear (sandals) caught in an escalator and narrowly escaped a serious injury to their foot. Someone’s right sandal was caught in the escalator. The person managed to get their foot out before their toes were trapped.

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