IMCA Safety Flash 20-22

IMCA has published Safety Flash 20-22.

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LTI: Diver suffered crush injury to finger

A diver sustained a crush injury to his finger. The incident occurred when a diving support vessel was working on a decommissioning project, and the dive team were working to re-instate a side panel on a subsea tree. The task was carried out by using the vessel main crane in active heave compensation mode, with the divers required to position the panel into the tree hinges. While the diver’s hand was positioned between the panel and the tree, the vessel heaved, causing movement on the panel, causing the diver’s finger to be crushed between the panel and the tree.

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High potential incident – Foot trapped under ram cylinder

A person almost had his foot crushed by a ram cylinder on a pipeline coating machine. The incident occurred at a spoolbase, during the application of pipe joint coating, using an Injection Moulded Polypropylene (IMPS) unit. This task is conducted by two persons, the IMPS operator, assisted by a helper – the injured person. This person stepped up onto the IMPS unit platform, and his foot became trapped underneath the lowering ram cylinder.

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Fall leading to serious personal injury

A crew member suffered a fall leading to concussion and other serious injuries. The incident happened when he was single-handedly trying to hold and manoeuvre a drill tool into position for a certain task. The movement of the vessel combined with slippery conditions underfoot meant that he lost control of the swinging tool, which caused him to fall onto the raised platform floor/deck. He was concussed and sustained various soft tissue injuries.

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Chemical burns to body

During maintenance work on a purifier, an engineer who had only recently joined the vessel was instructed to bring a specific chemical (carbon remover) from the chemical locker to clean the purifier. The engineer went into the chemical locker to transfer a quantity of the above-mentioned chemical from the drum to a small can. However, during this activity a quantity of the chemical liquid was spilt, resulting in a severe chemical burn.

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Personal injury – burns from hot engine oil to body and face

In a vessel alongside, engineers started the removing the cover of the main engine fuel oil filter. Hot fuel sprayed onto the body and face of one of the engineers. He received immediate medical attention and was then hospitalized locally for a week and then repatriated.

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