IMCA Safety Flash 12-22

IMCA has published Safety Flash 12-22.

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Explosion – hot work in a flammable atmosphere (Transport Malta)

A large tanker was in transit to her scheduled dry-docking. Additional technicians were on board to assist with preparations for the dry dock. As part of this process, walkway ramps on the main deck were being dismantled to check on their condition and that of the piping passing underneath.

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Process Safety Fundamentals – IOGP / Step Change

A “Safety Moment” has been created, based on IOGP’s Process Safety Fundamentals with the inclusion of relevant incident examples. Whilst not all of the incidents occurred within our industry, the learnings remain applicable.

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IOGP: Dropped object with potential for injury – riser release

IOGP have released Safety Alert 334 relating to a dropped object incident during drilling operations on a Jack-up Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit. Following running of the completion in a subsea well drilled from the jackup, it was necessary to recover the 16″ riser.

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Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders

In the UK, falls when working at height remain a common kind of workplace fatality, accounting for around a quarter of all worker deaths and 8% of all nonfatal injuries every year, with many involving a fall off a ladder. It’s essential that people use the right type of ladder for a task and know how to use it safely.

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This is not a drill…an LTI during a drill (MSF)

Someone was injured during a drill. Crew on a vessel were undertaking a programme of drills and exercises. A stretcher and casualty handling drill was being conducted on-board the vessels daughter craft when the incident occurred.

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