IMCA Safety Flash 10-22

IMCA has published Safety Flash 10-22.

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Communications: LTI finger injury during lifting operations

During demobilisation lifting operations, a rigger’s right ring finger was crushed between the crane hook and a lifting eye. A vessel was demobilising with a third party crane operator and banksman hired to perform lifting activities moving items on deck.

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COBRA System – Hose coupling cross threaded

During diving operations, diver 1’s right-hand COBRA hose had a “champagne” leak coming from the connection at the hat. The diver was instructed to return to the bell and the hose was changed. After the hose was changed, the diver lock-out checks were carried out and completed.

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Diver experienced an air flow restriction

At the beginning of an air dive at 23msw, a diver experienced an air flow restriction. The system used was considered as a Mobile Surface Supplied System, the daughter craft was moored to the platform, the mother vessel was ready in the vicinity at about 200m.

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Subsea transponder wire parted

A tripod positioning transponder wire parted from the tripod framework whilst the vessel was repositioning and needed to re-plumb the transponder. No assets were close by at time of incident. Whilst coming up on the winch it was noticed that there was no weight on the wire; on recovery to the surface it was discovered that the 4mm diameter wire had parted approximately 1m from the tripod lifting eye. The lost tripod was subsequently recovered to deck by divers and the crane.

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MAIB: Blockage of fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system pilot hoses

A fire broke out in the auxiliary engine room on board a roll-on/roll-off cargo ship. In an attempt to extinguish the fire, the ship’s crew activated the machinery space’s carbon dioxide (CO2) fire
extinguishing system, but only half of the system’s gas cylinders opened.

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