IMCA Safety Flash 09/17

Theme: Safety in Diving Operations
In the first incident, a Deadman Anchor (DMA) toppled over, trapping and injuring a diver. In this case, the DMA was top-heavy and unfit for purpose. The second incident, a near miss, involved an air leak on a transfer under pressure (TUP) system, the cause of which was a damaged O ring.

In the third incident, a member highlights the importance of correct identification by divers, of jobs and worksites. The fourth incident addresses the need for care with water jetting. The last, a high potential near miss, involves a gas release from a pipeline under repair by divers.

1 Lost Time Injury (LTI): DMA Toppled Over, Injuring a Diver

2 Diving Bell TUP O Ring Seal Damage

3 Diver’s Worksite Identification Errors

4 LTI: Leg Injury Caused During HP Water Jetting

5 Near Miss: Gas Release from Subsea Pipeline

Read the Safety Flash: IMCASF-09-17