IMCA Safety Flash 07-23

IMCA has published Safety Flash 07-23.

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Lift bag near miss

During the over-boarding of a spool, a lift bag while being inflated, ascended through the engineered rigging arrangement and was caught by the contingency rigging. The diver had rigged the lift bag inappropriately for the conditions. The lift bag was hooked into one eye of the sling, the sling then slipped out as the lift bag became inflated and was inverted with the safety strap. Our member considered this incident to have had the potential for a serious injury or fatality.

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Finger crushed under Tether Management System (TMS) protection guard

A worker suffered a crushed finger when the protection guard of a Saab Seaeye TMS8 Tether Management System fell on their finger. The worker was closing and securing the protection guard and lost grip on the guard. The guard fell down and trapped the left ring fingertip between the guard and the TMS frame. Upon removal of the glove it was identified the fingertip was damaged. The injured person went straight to the medic, who verified that the injury warranted hospitalisation, and the injured person was taken to hospital onshore.

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Sudden and uncontrollable move of A&R head

At the end of offshore pipeline installation operations, a vessel was preparing for pipeline abandonment. The pipe end clamp was in the Hand-off Module (HOM) and had been bevelled and prepared; and the team were in the process of installing and aligning the Abandonment & Recovery (A&R) head for welding. Prior to installing the A&R head, the required volume of water had been removed from the flooded pipe clamped in the HOM.

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