eCMID celebrates landmark with 1,000th AVI accreditation application

IIMS and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) are celebrating the 1,000th Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI) accreditation application.

IMCA’s eCMID system provides the offshore energy industry with standardised vessel inspections. The electronic Common Marine Inspection Document (eCMID) offers a safety management system (SMS) ‘health check’. Since its introduction, it has reduced the frequency, while improving the quality and consistency, of inspections.

IMCA appointed IIMS, and its subsidiary Marine Surveying Academy (MSA), nine years ago to manage the eCMID accreditation scheme for vessel inspectors and auditors. Undertaken by IIMS-recognised independent AVIs, the digital inspection reports are uploaded to a searchable online database via an IMCA developed app. Vessel operators can also share comments and provide additional supporting information to demonstrate how any inspection findings have been addressed.

The desire for accreditation was largely driven by the industry itself. It was born due to pressure and concern from the industry that encouraged IMCA to find a solution to accredit competent inspectors. Prior to the scheme, vessel owners and operators had no way to validate the credentials of those stepping onboard to conduct the inspection. The purpose of the process is to provide a structure for the audit, or inspection of commercial vessels used in the offshore industry, conducted by vessel inspectors working on behalf of owners or clients. The robust accreditation scheme objectively assesses the competency of individuals against various vessel types.

The scheme’s first AVI and eCMID AVI Assessor Peter Solvang said, “AVI applications from 1 to 1,000 – a fantastic milestone.

“I was privileged and honoured to become the first accredited AVI nine short years ago. Since then, the scheme has grown and developed in line with the constantly changing industry requirements and expectations, requiring newer AVI’s to have a broader and more in-depth knowledge than ever before.

“The 1,000th AVI application has now been received for processing. This is a major milestone and a reason to celebrate the success of the eCMID scheme. Congratulations to everybody involved in running the programme, to all the 999 others out there who have applied for AVI accreditation, and from me personally my admiration and support to you all.

“Keep up the great work and I hope I am still around to see the next major AVI milestone!”

Commenting on the receipt of the 1,000th eCMID AVI accreditation application, IIMS CEO, Mike Schwarz, said, “This is a remarkable milestone since we jointly developed and launched the accreditation scheme with IMCA in 2015.

“I clearly recall a decade ago sitting down with IMCA senior executives to devise a robust scheme that would objectively match and assess the capabilities of inspectors with different vessel types requiring inspection. Up to that point, vessel operators had no way of checking if the attending surveyor had the necessary vessel knowledge to conduct the inspection. The eCMID AVI scheme changed that for good.

“I look back over that time with a sense of great pride at what has been achieved.”

The service, developed by the industry and for the industry, is extremely popular with more than 1,500 vessel inspections undertaken every year.

Commenting on the milestone, Mark Ford, Marine & Quality Manager, IMCA said, “Our eCMID service is a great example of the positive role IMCA plays in promoting offshore safety. Bringing the industry together and working collaboratively with key industry stakeholders to ensure safer outcomes, our inspection reports provide peace of mind to vessel owners, operators and clients.


“Like Mike, I clearly recall our first discussions for eCMID accreditation following a workshop in London. eCMID is something that I’m very passionate about and through our proactive committee, we are always continuously improving the system.”