eCMID AVI accreditation course adapted for online delivery

Over the past five years, the Marine Surveying Academy (MSA), which manages the eCMID accreditation scheme for IMCA, has delivered successful one day courses to hundreds of delegates at worldwide locations. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic changed all that, stopped the programme in its tracks and necessitated a rethink.

How to deliver the course remotely, which is a mandatory part of the accreditation process and must be completed within two years following approval, has taken the team some time to work out. It was important to come up with an online solution without losing any of the learning effectiveness and required outcomes, or disadvantaging those who are denied the face to face dynamic. Course tutors have put their heads together with the MSA team to find the best solution and the IMCA eCMID steering committee has been kept informed of the progress and outcome.

MSA is pleased to announce that the new online format is now available and one course per month is being organised until December 2020, offering flexible times to ensure people from around the world can attend. The 20 question multiple choice test which used to be completed manually at the end of the day has migrated to an online format which delegates will complete remotely at the end of the course. Full details and dates of forthcoming courses can be found at

MSA Chief Executive Officer, Mike Schwarz, said, “It was important to take time to ensure the new online format met the existing objectives and that those taking the course in its new online format are in no way put at a disadvantage. Delivering course content online is different for tutors, but I am confident that using the power of available technologies, what we have developed exceeds the high standard we set out to achieve”.