Crucial safety flaw is key finding of investigation into Bourbon Rhode sinking and fatalities

The Bourbon Rhode, an anchor handling tug, sank on 26 September 2019 in the Atlantic Ocean during a transit voyage from Las Palmas to Guyana and unfortunately resulted in the tragic loss of 4 lives. The Luxembourg Authorities have released an urgent safety bulletin as a consequence.

The Bourbon Rhode was equipped with a system called ‘shark jaws’, an anchor handling system which is installed in the aft Z-Drive compartment to secure chains or wires during anchor handling operations. When operating, water from the deck can enter the watertight housing frame, which has three drain fittings at the bottom plate. When not in use, the shark jaws are lowered into the housing frame and sit flush with the deck. In the lowered position, gaps around the shark jaws allow water to enter the housing frame.

The full article has been published on our parent company’s website, IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveying) and can also be ready here: Bourbon Rhode sinking

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