IMCA Safety Flash 20/17

In the following four unconnected incidents, we move through different areas of concern for IMCA members. We begin with an incident of electrical power loss in dive control, before looking at a second diving incident where there was a stored energy release following failure of a valve on a diving gas bottle. The third incident also covers a potentially serious stored energy release, where incorrect valves were fitted to a high-pressure steam piping system. The fourth incident covers a small fire discovered in oxy-acetylene hoses. No personnel were injured in any of these incidents. IMCA welcomes the reporting of near miss incidents, as these can often provide the best lessons for the industry in terms of improving overall safety.

1. Power loss within dive control
2. High potential near miss: failure of valve on gas bottle
3. Incorrect pressure gauge on high pressure supply line
4. Oxygen and Acetylene hose caught fire

Read the Safety Flash: IMCASF-20-17