IMCA Safety Flash 05-23

IMCA has published Safety Flash 05-23.

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LTI: Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning during Oxy-Acetylene brazing

A crew member suffered from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning during oxy-acetylene brazing. The incident occurred when the crew member was involved in the repair of a broken valve, part of the Freon pipe system for refrigeration. While doing the brazing on the gas return isolation valve, the crew member felt unwell, but continued the job. The task was completed after one hour and then the crew member felt breathing difficulties, was coughing and experienced chest pains. After a coffee break, the crew member sought medical assistance on board.

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High potential incident: person struck by Yokohama fender

During the lifting of a Yokohama fender onboard a vessel in harbour, a person placed himself in the line of fire between the fender and bumper bars protecting an electrical services panel. He was struck and injured as the fender moved. The injured person had to move into the line of fire between the fender and the bumper bars in order to release cargo strap sea fastenings from the fender which were attached to the vessel bulwark. At this point the Yokohama fender pivoted and he became trapped between the fender and the bumper bar frame. Operations were immediately stopped and the vessel medic was called.

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LTI: crew member crushed finger when opening fire flap

A crew member injured his finger while opening an emergency fire flap. The incident occurred after an annual test of the deluge system during which the emergency fire flaps had to be closed. Two crew members were releasing the securing butterfly nuts on the fire flap for the emergency generator. The final nut would not release owing to air pressure on the flap.

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LTI: finger crushed while moving mobile gantry crane

A crew member suffered a crushed index finger during manual handling of heavy equipment. The bosun, the deck supervisor and two others were working on disassembling the mobile gantry crane to move it to another location. They successfully took the gantry to pieces and manually moved one of the support legs. They decided to use a pallet trolley to shift the second support leg. They found that they could not get the second support leg (on the pallet trolley) past the first support leg which was blocking the way. So, the deck team attempted to manually reposition the first support leg.

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LTI: person crushed in watertight door

An electrician was crushed and severely injured while working on a watertight door on a vessel. He was evacuated by helicopter. The incident happened when the door opened unexpectedly, during adjustment of a proximity sensor for the door.

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