IMCA Safety Flash 01/24

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Diver in the bell hit by falling object 

What happened?

A diver in the diving bell was hit and slightly injured by a water bottle containing a gallon of water (4.5kg). Diver #1 left the bell and was handing over to the next bellman. In the bell the remaining divers were organizing their gear before departing the bell. They were moving a partially frozen one gallon water bottles when a handle on a water bottle broke and the bottle fell into the transfer lock striking the diver #1 on left side of his head and then onto his shoulder.

Divers lifted off seabed by Clump Weight

What happened?

Whilst the Diving Support Vessel was conducting subsea diving operations, the bridge team recovered the taught wire pulling the divers from the seabed to 18m above the diver’s maximum excursion depth. This rapid change in depth had the potential to cause pressure induced injuries or injuries with direct contact with the taut wire clump weight. Thankfully, in this instance, both divers reported well post-transfer and following subsequent tests.

Leak in hot water system for saturation divers

What happened?

During saturation diving operations between bell runs it was noted that Divers Hot Water Unit #2 had a water leak. The leak was investigated and located, but was found to be in a place with very poor access. There was a small hole in a pipe, which on investigation was found to be a bigger hole under surface corrosion.

Chain hoist paid out unsupervised near running main engine

What happened?

An electric chain hoist on the beam above one of the main engines in a vessel, was left unattended after use. The chain hook paid out and coiled the chain onto the running main engine close to the generator drive shaft. The incident occurred when the chain hoist was being used to lower spare parts required for maintenance in the engine room. Two lifts took place above the running main engine. After their completion, the chain block was lifted into its highest position.


MAIB: Workboat collision with wind turbine platform

What happened?

A workboat collided with a turbine platform in an offshore wind farm, causing injuries to one of the crew and minor damage to the workboat itself. The incident happened during transfer of two teams to carry out maintenance tasks on two different wind turbines.     The master set minimum power ahead and steamed on a course between the wind turbines, intending to use the time to complete some administrative paperwork. He was working at the aft-facing chart table on the bridge, but had become engrossed in paperwork and lost track of time, when the boat, having gone off-course, collided with one of the towers.