Accreditation Benefits

There are several accreditation benefits of becoming an accredited eCMID vessel inspector.

Firstly and most importantly, you will be recognised by the industry and your peers as a competent eCMID vessel inspector having achieved the accreditation standard.

All accredited eCMID Vessel Inspectors will receive an electronic certificate to recognise their achievement, which can be downloaded and printed for display purposes.

Once you have achieved accredited status, you may use the phrase ‘Accredited eCMID Vessel Inspector’ on your letterheading, on your business cards and on your web site (if you so wish). You are also entitled to use the image below.

You will receive a dated plastic photo ID card by post, (example as shown below), which can be used to prove your identity to a vessel owner, managing agent or vessel’s captain. Your card may also assist you with gaining entry to other areas of operation. Your card will display your unique accreditation number too, similar to the example card below. The date on your card will reflect the calendar year – ie. January to December and not part year.

Your details will be listed on the searchable eCMID vessel inspector database on this web site. This will include your name, address, telephone number (if desired) and your photograph. People will be able to email you a message directly, although your email address will be hidden and not revealed to the outside world.